Seillans and the Defence of the World

So Peeps, today we’ll learn about the heroics of superheroes and we have a lovely meal in Seillans. This beautiful village sprawls a little bit around the side of the Provence Alps near Cote de Azure and it’s a delight but it has a dark secret…

Harry and Zak before metamorphosis to superheroes

As we’re getting ready to go for a meal in a little square at the Restaurant La Gloire de mon Pere (literally “The Glory of my Father”) not sure if it’s Biblical or someone had a nice dad or, indeed, because tonight is a meal in honour of Lewis who’s survived another year and we’re celebrating his birthday. Of course, it could also be because the menus look good!

Tonight the boys are getting changed into their best going out clothes when a call comes in on the ‘special’ orange handset, it looks like a toy but everyone knows that it’s for communications from world leaders who believe the peace of the world is at stake and tonight, just as we’re about to go out, it rings.

Zak answers and nods a lot then calls Harry to explain they have a job to do and will require their Batman outfits to maintain their anonymity; he couldn’t actually say anonymity, but that’s what he meant.

So, after a brief discussion and some help from Mum they’re ready and I have to say having witnessed their warm up session earlier when they wrestled a crocodile with a foot pump, I’m feeling safer already.

Ready for anything that world villains can throw at us.

So, front door is opened and the two bat people go out like, well errr, like bats and do a Starsky and Hutch roll with Glock held in both hands and ready for action – a bit like Lewis entering a pub. Thankfully there are no Mr. Bigg’s around to spoil our evening and watching this enactment of extra precaution has meant we’re feeling confident we’re safe.

On a no action day it’s just a wonderful everyday family

Our getaway car is a Peugeot 2008 with a secret power unit that has to be experienced to be believed so I’ll not dwell on it. With neck snapping acceleration, well actually it was a bit of a jerk, we’re off along the main drive that’s been heavily disguised as a back lane as an additional precaution against world bullies and people with funny hair cuts.

As we get to Seillans we can appreciate the antiquity of this lovely little place. According to Wikipedia it’s one of the prettiest villages in France and I have to agree.

Legend would have it that the name Seillans is derived from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, or alternatively that the name is from a Roman knight called Selenus. It is probably more likely that the name was derived from some of the first settlers here, the Celtic-Ligurian tribe, the Sayllens in around 500 BC.

Then over the years various ‘visitors’ have left their mark including Greeks, Romans, Muslims and Christians a hint of secularism when a few toffs and other dignitaries were shown the intricacies of Madam le Guillotine at closer quarters during the ten years of the Révolution Française.

The buildings that have survived are influenced by all of the above and we’re now treated to a visual delight clinging to the slopes and offering well maintained alleyways and narrow cobbled streets. Just the place to hide threats to world peace, I’m so glad we have BatHarry and BatZak to keep us safe.

We park with the Batmobile pointing in the direction of travel to facilitate a fast escape should the need arise and we make our way past the Maquis pub/cafe/restaurant perched on the ridge and overlooking the beautiful plain between the southern Alps and Esterel. I note the Maquis for patronage at some point through this holiday. It’s named after a resistance movement in the last war and a beer with a view like this is hard to dismiss.

Beautiful Seillans

We make our way to the bar Charlotte which is in the middle of our little area with plenty of people passing enabling a full people-watch to be established and with this being an ‘arty’ village there are plenty of colourful characters. Apparently, In the late Sixties and early Seventies Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning made Seillans their home. The village hosts a substantial Max Ernst collection, including several sculptures in open air.  It also enables our two Bats to regroup and plan the defence of the village.

Twenty minutes and reference to numerous odd but interesting people later (coupled with the production of a defensive plan) and we’re heading to the restaurant.

Lewis has been practicing his best French on the way here in the car. He takes a deep breath and tells the guy that we’ve a table booked and the waiter respond in word perfect English that’s it’s over here and within seconds we’re seated at a gloriously placed table on the periphery of the eating area, just perfect.

BatHarry and BatZak need to sit next to Grandad so I’m sandwiched between perfect security, I really couldn’t be feeling better. This is a wonderful little square, the temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius and there are beautiful trees over and around us. The tables are arranged with plenty of space and sit on cobbles with beer mats to keep them steady. There’s the fountain L’Amour in the middle with gentle jets of water keeping various posies of flowers fresh.

Restaurant La Gloire de mon Pere (literally “The Glory of my Father”)

The meal is astonishingly good with some of the best steak I’ve ever tasted and it wasn’t even my meal!

We spend a good hour and a half with the ‘protectors of world peace’ consuming a couple of excellent beers and great food (our BatBodyguards, of course, are not drinking, preferring to keep clear heads for whatever threats there may be on the way home). We make our way back towards the car along narrow, cobbled streets with ancient buildings on either side BatZak is in front scouting whilst BatHarry does the sweeping then they swap to ensure the enemy is kept on permanent alert.

Super-Heroes in action

At the bottom of the alley there is a branch to the left that enables both bats to consolidate our position and survey the main road for baddies and we make our way back to the car.

 Superheroes discussing strategy.


An excellent evening and safe too, I’m glad we had the superheroes to protect us, job well done. Oh, did I say the food and company were exceptional. I love you Bats…G..x

PS: Thanks to Nadine and Robbie for the loan of their wonderful Villa. You are lucky and descerning people to have it and we’re lucky people for your generosity. X

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