Postcard 7 – Sunday – Rome

Back at street level now and after a little bit of thoroughly enjoyable aimless wandering we buy tickets for an open top bus. The process is interesting though and the conversation goes like this…

“Can we use the ticket on any of the buses?”
“Yes sir, any, they’re all owned by the same company so jump on any”
“Thanks, we’ll have two”
The transaction takes place.
“Here are your tickets sir, you must only get on the green bus, you’re on the green route”
“But you said we could get on any bus”
Person selling the ticket completely ignores the last comment…
“No sir, you must not get on the green bus”
We put it down to experience and as it turns out the green route is superb and we don’t miss anything but it’s an interesting observation on truth.

After returning to the hotel we change for dinner and present ourselves at a recommended restaurant. It’s the 3Quarti and the management are a bit brusk but it does look and smell exceptional so when we are required to return at nine thirty we agree and look for a street bar. It’s a bit late for us to eat and we nearly don’t return but fortunately, after a little mellowing due to a couple of wines at our chosen watering hole we do return and it’s superb.

Another lovely day and the Basilica experience is yet to come.

Sleep comes easy.

Enjoy the snaps. G x

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