Cowesby and Kepwick Rhododendrons

So Peeps, in this 6 mile walk we see huge numbers of wild and spectacular rhododendrons and become hysterical with laughter when a horse takes a fancy to George R because he forgets to take some sweets out of his rucksack.

Oh, and we also have a lovely stroll around ‘the other’ Pen Hill. There are places; however, that are unkept and untrodden so there are nettles. Don’t do what three of us did and wear shorts, them nettles get everywhere; and I mean everywhere!

For the record, George has bowel issues when he gets nudged in the small of his back by a bloody big horse and we have bladder issues watching!

Our route is just under 6 miles and includes a bit of ascent and descent together with a scramble through the rhododendrons. We also go off the tracks for about a mile so be a little careful at the top. Once you return to the main tracks it is easy.

Enjoy the snaps…G..x

IMPORTANT: You can do a short walk from the Kepwick side if you just want to wander amongst the flowers, just park up anywhere near Kepwick and look up the moor, there are plenty of tracks.

Feel free to share but do it promptly, the blooms are good for about 2 weeks then it’s still a good walk but you won’t get the colour.

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