Chateau Royal De Blois

Well I’ve just been to a lumiere show at the Chateau Royal De Blois and it tells the story of France in music, words and these amazing projections on the four walls of the chateau from within the square.

The music and words add to the drama so if you get an opportunity please go and see. Here’s a few photos to give you a flavour but they don’t do it justice…G..x

PS. there’s an element of barrel distortion from the lens. I wasn’t keyed up for this event so I didn’t take my “big” camera so all of these are off the iPhone with a few manual adjustments on the screen as I took the snap to help it expose on the right parts of the photo. I think it does one hell of a job and I’m tending to use it more than the Canon because I tend to have it with me.

If you havent tried some of the manual tricks on your iPhone I’m happy to put them on the site, just express an interest. Enjoy..x

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