Muker – Keld – Crackpot Loop

Today we’re ‘co-ed’ and the better for it. Language is less Anglo-Saxon and the anecdotes are either new or told from a different (and more caring) angle. Even the scenery …

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An Evening at Costa

The ‘on-stage’ acts are wonderfully choreographed throughout the day and evening then, around midnight, the atmosphere changes and some of the most memorable sessions are to be had. It’s not …

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Sheepwash loop with a Kiwi

Today we learn that friendships never wane and a walk reveals a lifetime of memories. It’s a blue sky with some low cloud. Sixty years ago, there’d be significant excitement …

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White Horse, Gormire Loop

It’s a beautiful morning with blue skies and sunshine, there’s a chill in the breeze that’s making a subtle suggestion that autumn has a plan. It’ll be the equinox in …

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This is what a bunch of 70-year-olds do when not being supervised…G..x

Rosedale Loop

Getting There I’ve missed the last few rambles so today is something of a bonus. We’re heading for Rosedale to do a walk that I’ve fancied for some time. I …

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Westport 2015

Westport 2015 Well, it’s all happening on the Ireland trip. I’ll try to protect the innocent by giving them pseudonyms, let’s call them Ant and Reen. Dogging near the Airport …

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A Mysterious Cassette

A Mysterious Cassette Some years ago two lovely people produced a Christmas album for charity. Now let’s jump forward many years and I’m clearing out all manner of rubbish from …

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Costa – Flossy and Colum

Y’know, going to a Costa festival doesn’t require wellies and most days are spent in the sun watching fantastic artists of every genre. Then, just occasionally, something crops up that …

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Molly’s Bane

Sometimes you find something akin to gold and mine was in the form of a cassette and one of the tracks moved me to tears so much so that I …

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Snowy Wood

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